The Media Continues to Get it Wrong on Reverse Mortgages

By Middleman Matters

All you have to do is Google the term “reverse mortgage” and you’ll see that some in the media have written articles saying that they should be avoided.  And so, as I sat down to write this article, I did exactly that… I typed “reverse mortgage” into Google and started clicking on links, reading what came up from my search.

The first one I clicked on was published by U.S. NEWS/Money on December 11, 2012… under the ominous headline: 5 Reasons to Avoid a Reverse Mortgage.  However, since the author of this article is only identified as “FMF,” or a “Contributor,” there’s no way to find out who is providing the information or viewpoint.

Regardless, it appears under the U.S. News banner so I’m sure many would assume it to be a legitimate article, which is why I’m using it as an example of what shouldn’t be happening, but nonetheless is.

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